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On-line Shipping Authorization Form

Neal Auction Company, Inc. does not ship or pack any items sold or offered at auction, no exceptions. We will assist buyers in making shipping arrangements by furnishing information on packers and shippers. A list is provided below in alphabetical order. Handling of purchased lots by us is at the risk of the purchaser. Final arrangements and agreements are strictly between the buyer and the shipper. Neal Auction is not responsible for the buyer’s choice of a shipper or to any occurrences during shipping.

All purchases must be paid in full prior to their release. If you choose to pick-up your items yourself or do not use an ICC/DOT certified carrier to ship out of state who provides a Bill of Lading; you will be subject to local and state sales taxes. Neal Auction will not sign shipping bill of lading forms.

*CRATERS AND FREIGHTERS: (800) 733-0310 (Nationwide & international shipping)
* KID GLOVES: 800-725-7313 (Nationwide trucking),
* NOLA PACKAGING & SHIPPING: 504-885-4544 (Nationwide & international shipping),
* PAK MAIL: 800-230-5229 (National & International shipping),
* RB SHIPPING LLC: 404-524-9122 (Nationwide trucking),
* STEFAN GORTAT, PAKMAIL: 843-795-7197, (Large item nationwide deliveries),
* UPS STORE #4134: 504-866-8664, (Nationwide & international shipping),
* U.S. ART COMPANY: 800-872-7826 (Nationwide trucking)
* WESTBROOK MOVING / WD SHIPPING: 843-552-1874, (Nationwide trucking),
  We do not recommend U-Ship as a shipper for fine art and antiques.

If you contact any of the above companies, they can facilitate packing and shipment of your purchases. Following making your shipping arrangements, please fill out the Shipping Authorization Form or email with your designated shipper. We must receive your authorization prior to releasing your purchases.

Please be aware that any shipper authorized by you to pick up your items may receive a copy of your invoice for their records. If you prefer that your shipper not receive a copy of your invoice, you must notify Client Services or 800-467-5329.

Thank you for your cooperation and we look forward to doing business with you in the future.

Revised: 7/2020

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